Tips to Build a Strong GSoC application

I am willing to participate in GSoC this year and contribute to OpenMRS. I refereed to this link - . One of the point here requires the aspirant to submit the plan to approach the project and include goals and draft timeline, on which i need further clarification and also how accurate is the timeline supposed to be and in how many pages should the implementation details be covered? I would also like to know on how I could make my application more competent.

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@suthagar23 and @irenyak1 your help is needed here.

@haripriya thank you for the interest in contributing to OpenMRS during GSoC 2019.

If you follow that link well, your project timeline should follow under the GSoC 2019 timeline in that there are no cases of you lagging behind. Just take a look at these chats for a little more guidance on how to write a good proposal

You may also want to look at this

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Hi @haripriya,

  • Usually we don’t need a bunch of pages for a proposal, it should be short and sweet as much possible. So better to attach diagrams, screenshots to describe the scenario or patterns rather than a huge paragraph. You can organize the content of your proposal depend on your ideas.

  • We just need a 1 - 1.5 pages of the timeline (As a table/timeline map/diagram), which can clearly indicate your weekly or biweekly tasks and deliverables(outcomes). So it would be easy to find the overall outcomes as well as easy to track your progress.


Thank you @suthagar23! I have a question to add. How many pages long should the implementation details, and the complete proposal be?

No Limitations :slight_smile:. It’s depends on your ideas and how you show your ideas in page :smile:. But don’t go for a proposal like a dictionary :wink:


Thank you @suthagar23 and @irenyak1 :slight_smile:

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