Hi all ( cc @cintiadr and @burke ),

@mogoodrich and I noticed this week that no longer works as an alias to Now when I go to i get a warning about the connection not being private. Is this something that we want to or plan to restore?

Thanks, Mike

Currently, it looks like tickets is registered as an alias and, presumably, the new server certificate is specific to issues.

@cintiadr, how hard would it be to configure this server for a letsencrypt cert as well? All ticket URLs should ideally redirect to equivalent issues URLs.

We could do a redirect in dnsmadeeasy; however, I don’t believe that would support redirects as desired.


I added the DNS, but didn’t add it to letsencrypt nor to nginx servername.

Should be very quick, it’s automated, but as it causes a brief downtime I will do over the weekend if that’s ok.

(I do have some changes to the database as well that I will need to do)


Thanks @cintiadr. No rush. There’s an easy workaround in the meantime.

Thanks @cintiadr !

This should be done now.