Thoughts with Nepal

Are there any openmrs folks affected by the earthquake and is there anything you need ?

I also wondered if we could be of help. I am involved with a Nepali health foundation (made up of Nepali doctors) working in Rural Nepal and they are actively working on a plan to help. I think that there are still a lot of major aftershocks and the situation is quite poor with lack of food, water and electricity and mostly we have heard about the Kathmandu valley and not the more rural areas. I would like to hear of what people need, and of course support one of the reputable NGOs who are expert in earthquake relief.

As our hearts are again heavy with yet another tragedy, I wanted to share a few words from a previous disaster as we all look for ways to support those in need:

If you are looking to help those suffering right now, the most effective way to do so is to donate money, even if it’s only a small amount. Don’t try to go there yourself. Don’t send “stuff”. What people & relief organizations need most right now is money to use on immediate needs that they can best determine on the ground together with the affected population.

If anyone in our community is aware of trustworthy organizations who already have a presence in Nepal and need assistance, it’d be wonderful to get links or other information here in this topic.

Thanks to everyone for your resources and thoughts in this difficult time for so many.


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Many people in my networks have mentioned Possible Health and the America Nepal Medical Foundation. They have a fundraiser at