"This patient must be checked-in" when trying to capture vitals

In Reference Application, when registering a patient and capturing his/her vitals, sometimes after clicking a patient found in Capture Vitals’ search instead of ‘Vitals’ form I can see a message “This patient must be checked-in before their vitals can be recorded. Send the patient to the check-in counter.” and a ‘Find another Patient’ Button. In what cases does this happen? I don’t consider this as a bug, just need this information to improve my Test.

The Capture Vitals app on the home page is a “cyclical” app (i.e. pick patient, fill form, repeat) intended for use at a standalone triage/vitals station in the clinic. So the idea is that any patient who gets to the triage/vitals station should already be checked in, and if the triage user pulls up a non-checked-in record, then either the patient skipped check-in, or else they have pulled up the incorrect record.

In this case I believe “checked in” means that they already have a visit started. So, whether the patient has an active visit is what controls whether that message is shown.


Correct, they need to have an active visit.

How can I make sure it is an active visit or not :slight_smile: ? I got the same notification that @tmueller is talking about in the demo server now.

You need to first start a visit for the patient from the patient dashboard.