This discussion is about the source Code.

Application Name: Seeking for help to execute the source code of OpenMRS. Version Number: SOS need help to how to run the code of OpenMRS.

Question: the problem,** Hello, Assalamualaikum. I’m from Bangladesh. I have been working under a IT company. Here a project is being assigned on OpenhMRS. Here I need to develop, module and make some changes to provide medical support to “Drug International”. So, I become a community member and downloaded the open source code from the Code section which are pinned there. Now, as a developer I need to run these code and do my duties. But I am facing problems to run the code and also for editing. In this condition I am badly in need of your help. Please response my questions for further activities. Thank You.**

Welcome! If you just need to create a module, have you seen our documentation on how to do that?