The New FHIR Board

Have you ever wondered:

  • What are our top FHIR-related priorities are right now?
  • What work is going on amidst FHIR squad members?
  • Who is doing what?
  • What work has been accomplished recently?

Please meet: :fire: The FHIR Board! :fire:

So as discussed with the squad today, @ibacher and I have set up a new FHIR board in Jira.

This will allow us to see & organize which topics are a priority (topical themes are listed as Epics, so e.g. “Patient Lists in OpenMRS” is currently an epic), as well as what work is going on.

2-min Video overview: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Link to the board: (you will need to be signed in to Jira)

Next steps: Have a look at this, add any tickets that reflect the FHIR-related work you’re currently doing, and @ibacher or myself know here if you have any feedback! We’ll also look at this in more detail together on next week’s squad call.

CC @jennifer @ccwhite23 @janflowers @corneliouzbett @jecihjoy @pmanko @mozzy & please CC others you think may be interested :slight_smile:


thanks @grace for putting this up,

the board looks great

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Thanks Cliff! The real credit goes to @ibacher who put the tickets into place :slight_smile: the proof will be in how useful people find this over time.

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