thanks so much JULIE


thats wat it brings out, if i run the first command u told me so wats nextt? shd i run the other command that had failed

@reginahnakinobe Kindly run this command mvn openmrs-sdk:help then run the next commands as documented on this link OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

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julie dear opefully yo well… kindly spare me some tym to help me go away from this level… am reall stuck, answering the wizard questions to finish setting of servers oooooooooooh its keeps telling me failed … some help dea

Sure! Kindly we can connect tomorrow at your convinient time if its okay with you.

it keeps giving me that


@reginahnakinobe Am so sorry am attending a meeting which will take 3hours. I will gladly check on you just incase you are still blocked if its okay with you.

@reginahnakinobe Kindly with the password enter you MSQL password(the one you created on installing mysql)

@reginahnakinobe in other words where the is a default option just press enter.(hahaha I have realised I can multitask).

@reginahnakinobe Kindly let me know if you still need help. Am available in the next 15min.

yes dear kindly waiting

Kindly share the meeting link

Well, we can meet on this link if its okay with you.

julie i dont kno how to open up meeting apart from skype

Its fine. Kindly we can connect using this link

hye Julie, opefully all is well wen installing mysql they ask for a root password… wat do they need have tried many but in vein

What happens when you click on the check button?

It brings a red Cross… showing no

Kindly let me know if you still need help so that we can pair up. Is 1pm okay?

Oooh dear… Christian greetings Sori dear am kinda fixed during day almost … am just getting on my PC to work out some solutions I got… Will get to u dear

Julie dear Am back to running comands and failing… I re installed my Sql… Got a password… But still failing