Thank you note to the community

We just announced the final release for Platform 2.0. It is indeed a great step for the community and the next big thing in terms of our software distributions in the future. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone in our community for their contributions.

Having said that, I would also like to thank the amazing OpenMRS community for giving me the opportunity to be the Release Manager for Platform 2.0. :smiley: It has been a great journey with OpenMRS and I really cherish the entire experience which has inspired me improve as a software developer/ resource planner and improved my leadership and analytical skills.

It was really great learning so much about OpenMRS, Healthcare IT and how we make a difference around the world. I’m really glad to have met the implementors,members and leaders from the community at the Summit and learn about their experience and their story with OpenMRS. I’ve come across some really amazing and brilliant stories from PIH , Project Buendia, KenyaEMR, and Bahmni and I am really humbled by the whole experience.It has strengthened my resolve to continue contributing fruitfully to the community and the cause in the future.

Platform 2.0 is a result of incredible team work! Especially towards the end, when I got caught up with my summer internship at CERN, it was amazing to see the community step up to help take things forward and get us all across the finish line together.

I would like to give a shoutout to @burke, @darius, @wyclif @dkayiwa @raff @sunbiz @harsha89 @maurya @michael @jthomas for their constant involvement with the process- we wouldn’t be here without your dedication & support.

For future release managers, I would really encourage you to volunteer and reach out to the community. I took up this role right after working on the OAuth2 module during GSoC 2015 under the guidance of @harsha89 and @surangak (which was a great experience in itself). From my experience, I can say that it’s not only satisfying to volunteer with such an inspiring community, but also a great way to expand your skill set. Having explored OpenMRS and software development from the perspective of a developer, being a release manager allowed me to add on to my developer skills & explore other aspects of software development that has really widened my vision. I hope to continue contributing fruitfully to the community and onboarding passionate contributors like myself in the near future.


Thanks everyone for the outstanding work!


Great to see your effort @maany. Thanks everyone for their outstanding effort!


Thank you @maany for getting us there, keep up the great work!


thanks @maany for all that you are doing!

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