Testing modules on OpenMRS Ref app and Standalone?

Hey everyone!

@johnblack and I are working on using OpenMRS for Oncology and we’re curious to know if modules can be tested and used on both the Reference Application and Standalone version of OpenMRS!

Second, we’re actually struggling to deploy both but I’ll let John speak more to the error messages he’s receiving…


@jeffneiman have you tried to download and run the standalone version of the reference application 2.5?

Yeah, I downloaded the standalone but it is acting up :frowning: I could try again on it but the question is, is it possible to install and test on it modules like the order extension module? I would like to try out a complex order like this one

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I did send out a detailed question on this but it got filtered and hasn’t been published yet for some reason. I tried to install the production version:

but I get this when I try to run OpenMRS

I followed the instructions here User Interface Modules - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki, got the legacy UI but still doesn’t work

Any advice on how to proceed?

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Can you try the standalone version of the reference application? I mean the one here https://sourceforge.net/projects/openmrs/files/releases/OpenMRS_2.5/ named as “openmrs-standalone-2.5.zip”

Hello @dkayiwa, I was reading this as it mentioned the order … however,

a friend of mine just had exactly the same problem - he is not sitting next to me, and I sent him the link to download the full standalone. He was downloading 3 times, with a slow internet connection, the platform. I did not understand :slight_smile: … until I went there myself.

May I think the “problem” is, that, at the top of the download-page, the link to the “latest version” links to the empty platform

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@bci, which is the page that you’re looking at?

When I look at Download – OpenMRS.org I see (first) a description of the two things that can be downloaded, and the first big button (highlighted in orange) is for the latest Reference Application standalone.

Are you looking at a different page?

Hi @darius, Thank you very much for asking, I did not have a look at the page that you provided, I gave the link that dkayiwa had mentioned: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openmrs/files/releases/OpenMRS_2.5/