Test Results for each department

In openelis, there is an option of adding results for tests department wise.

On this page, even the orders for which samples are not collected are being displayed(without accession number). Due to this there is a null pointer exception occurring. Below is the stack trace:

threw exception [java.lang.NullPointerException] with root cause


at us.mn.state.health.lims.result.action.util.ResultsPaging$TestItemPageHelper.createSearchToPageMapping(ResultsPaging.java:144)

at us.mn.state.health.lims.common.paging.PagingUtility.setDatabaseResults(PagingUtility.java:45)

at us.mn.state.health.lims.result.action.util.ResultsPaging.setDatabaseResults(ResultsPaging.java:41)

As per our understanding this page is for entering the result for collected samples. Therefore only those orders should be displayed for which the samples are being collected i.e accession number is generated.

@angshuonline @pramidat @prabakaran87 @mksd @swathivarkala @binduak

I agree.

btw, if any other implementation was using this feature for bulk entry of tests done for a department, I am guessing it would have been reported before :slight_smile:

attn @arjun @sanjayap

@angshuonline we are not facing this issue. probably we are not facing issue because we don’t entry the tests result in bulk.

same for the implementations i am aware of.