Teaching Open Source site & mailing list

I know that we have several people in the OpenMRS Community who are in academics as students, teachers, or researchers (or more than one of the above). If so, you might be interested in connecting to the “Teaching Open Source” community.

They have a wiki and online resources at http://teachingopensource.org/. Additionally, they have a mailing list at tos Info Page. From their site, the effort is described as:

Open Source is becoming a dominant development model in the software industry. The next generation of software developers, computer scientists, system administrators, analysts, and build engineers need to understand Open Source and must be able to work efficiently within Open Source communities. This is a neutral collaboration point for professors, institutions, communities, and companies to come together and make the teaching of Open Source a global success.

Please give them a visit if you’re interested in learning more about how best to teach students to participate in the open source movement!