Take Advantage of the OMRS23 Early Bird Registration !

Early bird registration for the OMRS23 is currently ongoing!

Ensure to register and make payment by 31 May 2023 to take advantage of the early bird registration fees for our conference that will take place from 31 Jul to 3 Aug 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria.

If you happen to need an invoice, please reach out to events@openmrs.org.

Register here


Is it fair to assume a registration paid for the conference before the dates change will apply to the new dates?

Are registration fees applied toward the fundraising goal? I registered earlier and I believe some others have too, yet the website says $0 raised toward the goal. :confused:

Hey @burke, yes, the registrations are supposed to be applied to the fundraising goal. I will update the goal today with the funds received so far.

Thanks @christine. I’ve purchased flights and was looking to book a hotel room. It looks like the Abuja Continental Hotel changed ownership & name recently [1], [2]. Googling “Abuja Continental Hotel” yields abujacontinental.com. The conference announcement page mentions the hotel by name, but doesn’t provide a link.

Could you confirm abujacontinental.com is the correct website for booking hotel rooms for OMRS23?

Hey @burke, Abuja Continental is one of the recommended hotels for stay. I am awaiting negotiated rates and additional hotels to recommend to the community. The tentative venue for the conference is Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua Centre, just across the street from Abuja Continental Hotel. I hope to have definite confirmation by the end of this week or sooner.

@christine, it’s great to see the conference announcement page evolving!

The Visa requirements include:

d. A Letter of Invitation from a company/host in Nigeria accepting immigration responsibility

I didn’t see any information on the page saying how we might get a letter of invitation.

Looking forward to info on how to obtain a letter of invitation along with booking accommodations (i.e., finalization of venue/hotel).

Thanks to you and everyone assisting in what I’m sure will be a fantastic OMRS23!