Synchronization issue after translating dosage units into the OpenMRS and the units to be synced in the OpenERP.


I am on a translation project of bahmni in French. But, when I translate the dosage units into the OpenMRS dictionary and into OpenERP, the synchronization between OpenMRS and OpenERP is lost. As a result, I can no longer see the laboratory tests, radiology and medication prescribed at the clinic level on the bill.

Here are the steps I followed:

  • Translation of dosage units into the OpenMRS dictionary.
  • Translation of the medication.json in the Clinic.
  • Prescription drugs and laboratory testing orders for a patient.
  • Result: no drugs and laboratory tests visible on the invoice in OpenERP.

What should I do to find my information at OpenERP level? I am new to Bahmni and any help will be appreciated.

You mean the “Dosage Instruction” and “Dosage Frequency”? I am not sure if you should change the names of the concepts. Does the “treatment” tab on clinical work if you change that?

@abhinavpc, @vmalini - do you guys do the translations for these concepts in your french locales?

@angshuonline we have not used OpenERP in our implementations so far. So this translations issue is not something we could have encountered.

Not in ERP. But in MRS for concepts.