sync module...Failing to upload it.

Hello everyone, I have been trying to upload sync omod to openmrs and I keep geting this error… Any help rendered goes a long way

Sorry about it! Did you first deploy atom feed followed by sync2 module?

Also you can find the atom feed module here build and deploy it before deploying sync2.

Then you can inform what is going on

I am not deploying sync 2…am using the synchronisation module… The one sync2 replaced… Thanks and so I dont think it is dependant on atom,fhir or rest

Could this be of help?

I read through it… Have u taken a look at the error am getting?!

@reagan can you point us to the exact sync module that you downloaded?


Going forward, this is the recommended sync module:

Thanks @dkayiwa…the implication then is the tickets about the old sync module are closed?!..because I had claimed one

They may not be closed, for now. But they are no longer a priority. Did you get a chance to look at the tickets listed here?

@dkayiwa thanks I will focus on these then…