Sync 2.0 Showcase

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Right… well, I don’t know, my weeks are a bit packed at the moment and I’m not sure I can even extrapolate to next week.

Please would you mind issuing the real poll as soon as you can?

The most voted option so far is: Wednesday, 2019.02.20, 4:00 - 5:00 PM (CET).

I want to wait until tomorrow and then choose the most voted option and then I’ll update the post.

Hi Everyone,

The most voted option was: Wednesday, 2019.02.20, 4:00 - 5:00 PM (CET). I’ve updated my first post on that thread.

@dkayiwa Do you know who can help me with adding this event to the OpenMRS calendar?

Is this helpful?

Yes, thank you.

The event was added to the OpenMRS calendar :slight_smile:

Could you let me know which video tool will be more appropriate for that kind of meeting?

Hi everyone,

I would like to kindly remind you that showcase takes place today (2019.02.20), 4:00 - 5:00 PM (CET).

We will use the UberConference ( as a video tool.


thanks for the reminder

For those who may have forgotten, this call is happening now at

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Thanks everyone for the meeting !

Here you can find more information about our work -

It would be great if someone can put a link to recording from the meeting.

This is the recording:


does it record the screencast?

Looks like I missed this one, however a quick question - is it possible to sync patients, encounters, visits and observations. The UgandaEMR team is looking to put together a POC in the next couple of days

@ssmusoke, according to all of these objects should be already supported. If not, then configuring a new mapping should be rather straightforward.

@kmadej FYI


Cool will be providing detailed feedback in the next 2-3 weeks as we are actively looking into leveraging the work you have been doing

Quick question is there a docker-compose.yml file that allows the local setup of multiple sync servers (parent and children), even the beginnings of one would be very helpful

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@ssmusoke it should help you -

Please remember to update module versions

@kmadej Excellent thanks

@kmadej @jslawinski

We have setup a couple of sync servers and overall it seems to work have the feedback so far:

  1. Patient Attributes are not synced
  2. How can one disable the ability to sync from the parent? Can a global variable be setup for this?
  3. Audit Log:
    • Additional filter and search options - by date (between dates), resource values (say Person named Stephen)
    • Button to refresh the page - I use the browser refresh but would be great to have an action btton
  4. Sync Status page - what is queued, done - seems to be like the Audit Trail with those that are pending and have not been done yet .
  5. When viewing a message, can it be shown in a popup or on the same page, and can the details of the message be displayed

In the next 2-3 weeks the UgandaEMR team has an opportunity to leverage sync to merge two OpenMRS instances into one - so will look to leveraging the Sync Demo environment Docker to setup and run this. Will be sharing our experiences and learnings


Hi @ssmusoke , thanks a lot for your feedback, it is very valuable for us.

It will be great if you can put all the things which you find (or your suggestions) to the Sync 2.0 project backlog (link to the Jira space: It will be helpful if we will have all things in one place.

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@alalo I have created the tickets below as requested. Thanks for the good work with this module, its much appreciated