Swagger UI Source

@zakaria.amine, @raff, @wyclif, do any of you know where the swagger-ui source code that generated this directory is?

I’m hoping make some small look-and-feel changes and would prefer to edit the source and recompile, rather than hack the compiled Handlbars templates.

If this isn’t already in a repo somewhere, then where should we keep it @raff, @wyclif?

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I realised that you might have just used Swagger UI without modifying the source at all. If so, do you know what version was used?

My second question still stands :).

@zakaria.amine might know better

Yup, that’s why I included him. I took a look and it seems like the page was generated from the Swagger UI source without much (any?) modification. I’ll make my customisations and dump them in a repo somewhere and we can take it from there.