SVN has been migrated


Our provider migrated our SVN server to a different machine. HTTPS will be restored soon. Everything else should work as expected.

I tested and confirmed that all is working as expected. Thanks @cintiadr :slight_smile:

Excuse my ignorance, what is SVN still used for?

For projects that are not yet migrated from svn to git

Got you - is there a list anywhere, that would be an interesting newbie task - thoughts?

I have the feeling that some modules or helper tools are not relevant anymore, and no one worked on them (hence, they were never migrated to git).

SVN is read only, so it’s only for legacy reasons more than anything. While we could potentially move all archived repos to an archive openmrs github project, not sure if it’s worth the time.

All repos are listed in:

But it’s not trivial to find which ones were migrated or not (we stopped adding labels to them a while ago)

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This – it’s not worthwhile – all migrating dead projects does is clutter our GitHub Org with projects that aren’t relavant anymore.