Supporting MariaDB with OpenMRS 2.3 release?

Sure, please let me know the output of:

docker info

and also which command lines you are using.

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It’s currently running here:

I guess the output will be displayed.


            Error response from daemon: no such id: openmrs-9
            time="2015-10-06T07:33:42Z" level=fatal msg="Error: failed to kill one or more containers"

I changed

-DuseInMemoryDatabase=false -DdbDriver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver\


-DdbDriver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver \

Looking better, now

But openmrs docker container is not coming up.

06-Oct-2015 09:43:56 + docker run -d --name openmrs-12 --link mysql-12:mysql -p 8080:8080 openmrs-docker 06-Oct-2015 09:43:58 + DC_ID=d366ebe5879ac6abd0046a3c49254693f241c68cc3ccd04967b54d5e555dacab 06-Oct-2015 09:43:58 + sleep 100 06-Oct-2015 09:45:38 + docker logs d366ebe5879ac6abd0046a3c49254693f241c68cc3ccd04967b54d5e555dacab 06-Oct-2015 09:45:38 /bin/sh: 1: -DdbUser=test: not found

Apparently you didn’t configured mysql to have that user? The one you configured openmrs to run.

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Alright, Thanks @cintiadr. Will fix this ASAP.

Hello @cintiadr @dkayiwa,

I have fixed the user issue with docker test. How do I proceed to adding the tests @burke talked of. that’s the Integration tests, Reference App tests etc?

@ch3ck can you now run openmrs with the arguments below?


Remember to replace the values with what you have.

@cintiadr @dkayiwa

I used those arguments and they did not work. I’ve modified the arguments accordingly to the way I configure the docker image. I’m still running the Docker container, and will need your assistance in adding the tests to the disposable containers.



Could you help me out here. I’m still getting the connection refused error with the MySQL docker container. I don’t know what I may be doing wrong here.


Hi @dkayiwa @cintiadr, I have fixed the issues with the MySQL build and it works against MySQL and MariaDB. I will like to proceed to the next steps. As @burke stated

Create a CI plan to build openmrs-core against MySQL, failing if build fails. (DONE!) Create a CI plan to build openmrs-core against MariaDB, failing if build fails. (DONE!) Make sure MySQL plan runs integration tests, failing if tests fail (CURRENT) Make sure MariaDB plan runs integration tests, failing if tests fail (CURRENT) Enhance MySQL plan to do first-time setup of reference application, failing if setup fails Enhance MariaDB plan to do first-time setup of reference application, failing if setup fails Enhance MySQL plan to run refapp integration tests Enhance MariaDB plan to run refapp integration tests

I am currently working on adding the integration tests to the tests. I will need your assistance with this.

@ch3ck, it’s great to see you making progress on this!

Would you mind giving the URLs to the bamboo plans for the things you have completed?

@darius, These are the links are shared last time. Just check them out and give me feedback.

@ch3ck, this thread is long (and confusing for those of us who haven’t been following it closely!)

Would you mind posting the URLs again of the 4 thing you said are done or in progress, in one consolidated message?

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Here is MariaDB: As for MySQL:

The first part works. Now I have to move on to writing scripts for next steps.

Thanks @ch3ck for you help with this. Where do things stand today?

/cc @dkayiwa

Hi @burke, I have finished the first part, I’m trying to run the integration tests for both plans and the ref App tests setup. Once I’m done with this. It should be all good.

Hi @cintiadr @dkayiwa

I am having an issue running the integration tests. I am constantly getting this error:

>   /bin/sh: 1: -DdatabaseUsername=test: not found

I properly configured the user names and password to test, but I don’t understand the error here.

I also get this error activation the integration tests,


Probably it’s missing a \ before the previous line. I assume it’s something which is supposedly one single line, but there’s an endline when it shoudln’t.

Can you give me the link to the build?

Hi @cintiadr,

Here are the links:

Here is MariaDB:
As for MySQL: 

Just let me know how it goes.

Thanks, Nyah


“Cannot execute mojo: resources. It requires a project with an existing pom.xml, but the build is not using one.”

I don’t know where you are running maven, but you don’t seem to have a maven project on that folder. I can see the ‘Integration test for OpenMRS’ task trying to run maven, but it absolutely needs somehow a checkout of a maven repository before.

Looking the other one now.