Supporting Bahmni on CentOS v7

Currently Bahmni is only tested/supported on CentOS v6.x. Is it in the roadmap to support CentOS v7 for Bahmni any time soon?

This raises a question about how often should we do software upgrades.

If we stack up all the software pieces it would go like this.

  1. OS
  2. Databases
  3. Runtime Engine (Java, Python)
  4. Software Platforms (OpenERP, OpenMRS)
  5. Software libraries used by Bahmni (Angular JS)

There are two factors which affect upgrade cycle.

  1. Product evolution
  2. Impact on existing deployments

Things which contribute significantly to product evolution should be upgraded more frequently. My guess is that AngularJS and OpenMRS falls in this category. Purely from the impact on existing deployments perspective, lower down the stack we are less frequently we should do the upgrades. (level 5 is inconsequential here because our testing takes care of this and it has no impact)

Keeping all this in mind we need to come up standard upgrade frequency for the Bahmni and we should just follow that.