Support for some functionalities in openmrs 2.1.1


Hi we are currently running on openmrs 2.2.0 platform version.We plan to shift to Bhamni but it uses openmrs 2.1.1 and due to this some classes are being shown unsupported which are mainly the Condition (org.openmrs.Condition), Diagnosis (org.openmrs.Diagnosis) and CodedOrFreeText (org.openmrs.CodedOrFreeText).

Is their possibly any way to make it support in openmrs v2.1.1. Can injecting its required classes/java files into our own omod module and then using it can do this? If yes please point out all necessary classes/java files. Our schema structure is same as that of v2.2.0 so I suppose that should not create any issue.

Help will be highly appreciated.

Below OpenMRS 2.2.0 , these are supported in the emrapi module

see Conditon ,Diagnosis and CodedOrFreeText