Support for order groups and order sets

Hi Bahmni team (cc @darius and @jteich),

We were just discussing the planned enhancements to the medications tab in Bahmni, which I see is under development in this card.

I didn’t see anything in the design that appears to include the ability to order based on Order Sets or support Order Groups. I’m curious about whether this is planned for a later phase, or what the current thinking around this is.

Thanks! Mike

The current leaning is to prioritize “(User) Favorites” first, and Order Sets later (maybe much later).

I wasn’t involved in that prioritization, but hopefully someone else can say more. (I think this comes from some of our initial target implementations for this feature.)

@darius is correct. The new medication tab will be released with Favorites. As per my knowledge, there isn’t any customer currently using the Order Set feature of Bahmni. Therefore Order Sets was de-prioritised to later. We haven’t even done any research work on Order Sets yet. Most people want Order Sets across order types, and not just for combining sets of drugs. For instance, an Order Set might be defined with 3 Tests, 1 Radiology order, and 4 drugs. If this is the case, then our existing Order sets solution won’t work, and it will need to be enhanced to support defining orders across these different types.

So, we decided to take it up later – once the medication tab with favorites has gone live, and we have some feedback on its usage.

@mseaton: Can you share your thoughts / examples on how you were hoping to use Order Sets?

Note: The older medication tab will still be available, while the new one is released for giving existing customers some time to switch over.

/cc: @asharma @akhilmalhotra @vinay

@gsluthra is right. As of now our order sets functionality does not support clubbing orders across different order types which is an ask from our implementations. So we decided to take that up later.

Agree with the above. There have been preliminary discussions about how order sets would work in a consistent UI supporting several order types, starting with meds / lab tests / radiology. Those other two order types need to be specified to fit that format, and then the order set workflow would need to be developed to route different order types to different receivers, e.g., med orders generate prescriptions but lab orders don’t, they might route instead to the lab system. It’s fairly straightforward but a little complex. We can talk more about specific workflow and functional design options if you like.

Favorites were much easier to develop and have immediate user requested benefits of accuracy and time-saving. The favorites function does give you a (very) poor man’s order set, in that you can select two or three commonly used meds very quickly.