Support for Odoo v8 or v9 in Bahmni

Currently Bahmni seems to install and support Odoo (OpenERP) version 7. Is there any plan for supporting Odoo v8/v9 in the roadmap?

We do intend to upgrade to Odoo in Q3 this year. When we publish the roadmap formally, we can see the other details of the roadmap too.

Odoo v6, 7, and 8 had no technical or functional difference between Community and Enterprise versions. Openerp SA was selling support and migration services only with Enterprise contract. That, however, has changed with v9. We were using OpenERP 7 and were unable to migrate to Odoo v9 because they introduced restrictions to modules. Some functionality that was working in v7 is now “only for Enterprise version”. Adding this functionalities in v9 means spending thousands of dollars for the Enterprise version. This might introduce a risk that organizations using Bahmni with OpenERP won’t be able to use it with Odoo v9. Does Bahmni have and alternative for Odoo?

@mkauzlar: Can you please provide more specifics on which particular features of v7 are now not available in free version of Odoo v9? The specifics might help in our research work to see if we can work around those.

Bahmni does publish its data via an ATOM Feed for integration with an ERP system. Integrating with another ERP package via this ATOM feed should be possible, if the ERP package provides APIs for integration.

We were missing some project management features and some others which I can’t recall now (this was an OpenERP installation not related to Bahmni). We are not using it anymore so I’m sorry I can’t give you more details. What I wanted to point out is that somebody using Bahmni might use or add modules to OpenERP that are not strictly related to Bahmni. Upgrading to Odoo might result in somebody loosing functionality. All I’m saying is that Bahmni would need to research this among it’s deployments in the real world. This is not to say that Odoo is not a good product, just needs some functionality assessment based on your roadmap, to see if it removes any functionality that you take for granted.

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Also there is OCA (Odoo community association) where we can find some community maintained modules.