Support for multiple tabs with the observations functionality under consultations

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We wanted the functionality offered by the observations tab to be available via additional tabs – each tab would have its own set of templates supporting certain specific set of functionality / forms. In the picture below we have created two new tabs “Diet” and “Wound” which will have to be linked to diet observation forms and wound observation forms respectively. These tabs are visible in the screenshots below.


  1. Set up templates for Wound based on specific sheets as an example


Clicking on Add New Obs form throws up sub concept forms like this specific to a specific disease type or program - image

Extension json for adding the tabs: “Wound”: { “id”: “bahmni.clinical.consultation.wound”, “extensionPointId”: “org.bahmni.clinical.consultation.board”, “type”: “link”, “label”: “Wound”, “url”: “concept-set-group/observations_Wound”, “icon”: “fa-user-md”, “order”: 10, “requiredPrivilege”: “app:clinical:observationTab” }

Code change this required in conceptSetPageController.js changed the init function to – var init = function () { var exts = $state.params.conceptSetGroupName.split(’_’); var extsVal = exts.length > 1 ? ’ ’ + exts[1] : ‘’; if (!($scope.allTemplates !== undefined && $scope.allTemplates.length > 0)) { spinner.forPromise(conceptSetService.getConcept({ name: “All Observation Templates” + extsVal, v: “custom:” + customRepresentation }).then(function (response) { ……

The idea was to have the ability to change “All Observation Templates” hard coded value based on some keyword or parameter. We have yet to test this extensively, so far it does not throw up an errors on the browser debug console.

Any thoughts on this approach and limitations that this may throw up? Or side effects?

Thanks, Ashok

Nice idea. We can probably refine this a bit and make it more generic. Would you like to bring this up for discussion in a future PAT call? (Every Wednesday 2 pm UTC)

Sure, is it on today?

Relatedly can I create separate multi tabs on an observation form such as History and Examination Form . I would like to create sub tabs such as Tab1 - History, Physical Examination? instead of sections. The objective is to reduce overcrowding a form and better user ability

Sorry, I missed the last PAT call. @ashokraman, I hope to be available in the next PAT call, or we can have a subgroup call.

I missed that last one too, yes, I can be on call this Wednesday, thanks,