Support for Deceased patients.

Is there a probability @slubwama is not working on this issue - Support for Deceased patients because the reporter or anyone else has not given the view on what is anticipated? Kindly, take a look on the issue and give your comment so that he can help fix.

cc @slubwama, @darius, @dkayiwa, @achint, @ssmusoke and @wyclif

From reading the issue and reading the comments, it seems like @slubwama does know what the next steps are, he just hasn’t had time. Right?

If he has a question, he can ask it and I’m happy to answer. :slight_smile:

(Also, @jwnasambu I think you should probably bump this, since there is no comment from him since Marc, and no visible activity since 2017.)

@darius thanks for the feedback and your advice.

Its true that I am still looking at this issue. but time is not on my side these days. I have dedicated 2 hour in a week to support openmrs. Hope within those two I will have this issue resolved including other two and