Suggestions for improved structure of the "Implementer's Guide"

Thank you for putting so much effort into the Bahmni documentation. However, I see some room for improvement in the page tree of the “Implementers Guide”.

Here is a suggestion for a page structure which would be better from my point of view:

(New pages are marked with a star. The one renamed page is marked with a pen. Two pages are moved out of the implementers guide (see remark below))

If you want to edit this mind map by yourself, please have a look at this temporary GitHub repo:


Remarks & Questions

The page “Order Fulfillment” exists twice in the implementers guide

I think those two pages should be merged.

Things I’d move out of the “Implementers Guide”

Template: New IG Feature

I think there could be a better place for this template. I’m not yet sure where.

Retrospective Entry of Data It seems like this is a feature description and should reside in the user guide

Please give some feedback.

You are right… This is still in progress. We have been working on Identifying the duplicates and merging.

This can be moved. Thanks for pointing out.

@janux Thanks for your input. We shall review and make the changes.

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Thanks for taking the suggestion into consideration. Those are the concrete steps which need to be reviewed:

  1. Create new page “Bahmni Configuration” as container for all pages related to this subject
  2. Create new page “Bahmni Modules” for all pages under “Implementer’s Guide” ending with “Module”.
  3. Rename the page “Bahmni Configurations” to “Feature Configurations” to distinguish it from the other pages with configuration related information.
  4. Move the pages “Introduction to Bahmni EMR Configuration”, “Implementer Interface”, “Bahmni Modules”, and “Feature Configurations” under the new “Bahmni Configuration” page.
  5. Create a new page “Subsystem Integration” under the “Implementer’s Guide” as container all all the sub-system integrations.
  6. Move the pages “Billing and Accounting System”, “Inventory Management System”, “Pharmacy System”, “PACS Integration and Radiology Upload”, “Laboratory Management System”, and “Bahmni Connect App” below this new page.
  7. Move the page “Retrospective Entry of Data” into the “Feature Guide” section

If there is a consensus about it I could also do this by myself.

Motivation: From my point of view it would become easier to get an overview over the different subjects involved with a Bahmni implementation. Currently, it looks to me like different subjects are mixed together in the navigation tree which makes it not easy for me to wrap my head around it. Further, I think it is better to limit the sub-pages of each section to 7±2 due to the limitations of the human working memory.

Hi @janux

Points listed do make sense, but wondering if categorizing something with Parent as “Bhamni Module” or “Subsystem” might cause confusion. For now expanding the Implementer tree can direct us to the topic right away but if hidden under further sub categories it may go unnoticed. It could be a case that, to some Billing and Accounting could sound like a module rather than a sub system.

Maybe, it would additionally help if we could have a page defining what are classified as Modules in Bahmni and what are considered sub systems. This page will clearly indicate features(modules or systems) that constitute Bahmni and should also state what get installed by default and what are optional or configurable.

I agree we could do better in terms of re-structuring.

I also think “Modules” may be ok to have as a top level entity – although in reality these aren’t really pluggable “modules” as the name sometimes suggest to users. The idea was that in Bahmni Login Dashboard, one sees “modules” [Square Icons] and there needed to be a page dedicated to each icon at the top level.

Sub-system is too technical a jargon, and I would look recommend thinking of a more simpler scheme for naive users to be able to find.

BTW I also think that not everyone browses the WIKI using the left navigation, but instead use Google search to find documentation. But a more intuitive flow that allows for easier finding of appropriate pages will be welcomed.

You can make other changes @janux that you suggested to the wiki – besides the Module & Sub-System Changes. I feel good with those.


We are making some changes to “Bahmni Configuration” sections – actually Teresa is making them. You can refer to this google document for the work being done – and leave your comment in the google doc.

Meanwhile request you to hold off making restructuring changes for a week, while Teresa finishes incorporating the changes mentioned in the Google document to the WIKI.


Thank you for taking up the feedback and the disentangling of the pages “Bahmni Configuration”/ “Bahmni Configurations”. The “Implementers Guide” looks fine now.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: