suggestions about forms

Hello everyone, i’m trying to implement openmrs in the company(not medical) i’m working at. the company has different infirmaries in different locations with doctors and nurses. the idea is to have the medical record for each employee which can be done with openmrs out of the box with a few parameter changes.

now the problem is that there are a few forms that the infirmaries uses:

  • form 1: a medical certificate to grant an employee a few days of rest

  • form 2: to ask the employee for different tests (tests are not done within the company’s infirmary)

  • form 3 : drug prescription

  • form 4: to ask the employee for different x-rays

  • form 5 for diagnosis

All these forms should be fillable inside openmrs.

If i take the scenario for form 1, i should be able to click on a widget on the patient dashboard that will redirect me to a page with a table that shows the date and probably the number of days of rest the employee has been given with a button to add a new medical certificate that will take me to form1. we therefore has a record of the number of time the employee has been given a medical certificate. the widget on the patient dashboard will have the same informations. Since the employee will need the physical filled form, there should be a way to print it just after filling it with the company logo on it.

I’m looking for guidance, suggestions on how to achieve what i have discribed. what is the best way to create the forms in my case (html form entry, xform, or infopath).

i can provide more details in needed.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for taking on your work at your workplace with openmrs, openmrs forms with HFE module reference can be of help, All your TODOs can be customised within HFE to meet your needs. i see this as something to be worked on to meet employees need.The best way to create these kind of forms is by using html form entry feel free to ping us for any help of developing such forms

thanks @sharif for the reply. i was thinking about using the html form entry but i have a few questions that are stoping me. for example, is it possible to use the drug order tag to add a non coded drug for the prescription form. in the case of the tests form, there is a list of predefined tests that can be asked. i know i can have them as concepts then call them as check box but which tag can i use to save them . the obs tag?

thank you

Saving the concepts using submit button like

<obs conceptId="300"/>


However am not sure how you want to store saved data, you can get saved data via RESTAPI as one option and ideally your payload would look like something like

    "value": "0485075a-3111-11e0-8090-0026b9348838"

Thanks for your reply. so if i understand in html form entry only the obs table will be used to save concepts? what about the drug presciption? i want to able to save drug order enter by the user.

thank you