Suggestion for OpenMRS | Reference Application

I just got an idea for the reference app.

The idea is that when the user has logged in to the app, there should be a small popup at the side (Left or right) on the dashboard page showing the link to a guide that how to use OpenMRS Reference app. The popup shouldn’t be very big, it shouldn’t cover the whole page; just on the left or the right side on the dashboard page.

In this way, It’d be beneficial for users, especially for new users as it’ll guide how to use the reference application.

cc: @jwnasambu @f4ww4z @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @sharif

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Thanks for that good idea, but we currently have the detailed wiki resource for the RA documentation and i think i doesnt need to be provided the link to the RA page. Have a look at this

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You’re right :slight_smile: But a newbie who is not completely familiar with OpenMRS (wiki, jira, talk) and just came & installed the ref app, how he would know about it? How he’ll get this link of wiki? How can we cover that? :slight_smile:

Yeah ! It can be a suggestion bot kind of thing which will guide the user