Suggestion: Bringing Role-Based Homepage module back to life?

Hello there, Role-Based homepage( ) is no longer working on any 2.x versions of OpenMRS: Which OpenMRS version needed for Role-Base HomePage module?

I was wondering if anyone can help bring it back to life?

Thank you!

Could you describe the outcome you are trying to achieve with that module?

The entire Reference Application 2.x UI is built around the idea of a home screen, where different users see different apps depending on their privileges.

How do you envision Role-Based home pages interacting with that?

What I think is so good about this module is that it makes the personalization of the homepage so easy. So you can simply choose all the pages a certain role typically uses and put them all together in one page and specify this page for this role. with apps it’s a little bit harder. you have to define the app first (It would be great if it is explained some where how we can do that) as far as I know, this requires programming knowledge? Also the tab layout of the old patient’s chart in my opinion offers several advantages over the new chart (At least for now). it shows the different relationships the patient has, shows the programs he/she is enrolled in, and providers can update workflow states easily from there. Also, If I need providers to have access to their own page in the provider management module, I can simply provide them with the link to that. all they have to do is add their person ID and they are in their provider page.