submitting custom variables into the database

Hi guys :innocent: i am working to extend the orderentryui on top of OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5, and i have try to add some fields on the drug order form, like this:

And i am willing to add some columns to the drug_order table, and i want to be able to send these new form fields to the server. now i am a little bit lost in the huge source code :sweat_smile: and i don’t know where to change exactly to make it happen, so it will be very helpful from you guys if u can guide me through the steps on what to change and where! :smile:

I think you’re looking for this

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@mouad I would recommend against adding columns to the openmrs-core table, as (a) this is a lot of work, and (b) you’re likely to end up with forked code and be unable to use later OpenMRS releases as they come out.

What specifically are you trying to do differently?

Note that the dosing_instructions column is intended to store extensible data (and you’d write a Java class that knows how to interpret this).