Student and project intro. during developer forum 2014-05-01

Hi GSOC’ers,

You may have already seen this on the dev mailing list - but during this weeks dev call (1st May), Michael and I will be doing a GSOC student/project intro. Please do try to join the call :smile:

Hi Suranga,

Just to clarify, i would like to know what happens in this dev forum call. Do we, new interns need to send project introductions to you or Michael before call?

Thanks! Milinda

I’d defer to Michael to clarify, but mostly, we’d like you to listen in on the call, and briefly introduce yourself and your project. @michael, is this correct ?

HI Suranga,

Thanks for the information :wink:
I’ll try to be in :+1:


We want to encourage ALL students AND mentors to join us to introduce themselves and/or their projects, to ask any questions, and generally to feel welcome in the community. There is no “homework” due for this meeting. :slight_smile:

Please join us!

@surangak @michael Since some students connects for the Adobe Connect first time. It will helpful for them to have the Adobe Connect active before couple of hours so they can have some testing with it.

Link for the developer forum:

Do students needs to prepare couple of slides for their introduction?(previous year It’s about two or three slides as I remember) And how many minutes each student will get to do his introduction? I just ask so that others can get idea about tomorrow session.

Slides are not necessary for tomorrow … just come and introduce yourself and your project! :slight_smile:

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