Stuck at Maintenance Mode after uploading demo data

I just checked, there is no table called ‘calculation_registration’. The database I have right now is loaded from the demo database 2.0.1 from the Wiki pages.

Just drop that database and do a fresh installation. Ensure that the module loads before loading any demo database. The referencedemo data module has a setting to automatically create some demo data for you.

Okay. I will try that and post the results.

@setu4993 as I mentioned earlier, it’s never a good idea to keep switching between versions of OpenMRS core and even modules in general against an existing DB unless you’re upgrading to a NONE SNAPSHOT version, once you upgrade core or a module you should never be downgrading, if you try it and OpenMRS fails to start, the alternative is to always drop the database and reinstall everything as long as you’re not in production.

I tried that, but the ‘referencemetadata’ module doesn’t start. The log file entries for the error it produces is:

Since the reference demo data module is dependent on the referencemetadata module, can’t load the demo data.

@wyclif : I appreciate you taking the time to explain this. I get it better, now.

I am still getting acquainted to using OpenMRS. I plan to use it for a project, and the demo data is important to me. I didn’t switch to the core version of OpenMRS without trying to get the normal one working multiple times. Each time, I deleted all the data from the .OpenMRS folder, as well as the webapps folder in Tomcat, and dropped the database, thus ensuring that there was no residual data from the previous installation. I have been installing and re-installing, after clearing previous installation data, just to get the system to work with some demo data, and a few modules.

@setu4993 maybe this might help you. clone locally, run mvn clean install. Then go to package/target. Over there you will find a zip file with all the modules includinig the openmrs-core war file. Incase you already have the core set up, copy the rest of the modules into .OpenMRS/modules folder. This should make the application run :slight_smile: . you can start this whole process fresh by dropping the openmrs database and deleting .OpenMRS folder and starting the startup process anew.

I just did a clean install of the Reference Application Distro, and generated demo data as @dkayiwa had suggested. Looks like I am good for now :).

Thank a lot, @r0bby, @reubenv, @wyclif, @dkayiwa and @jtatia!