Stripe Open-Source Retreat

Are you an OpenMRS developer who would like to be paid for working on OpenMRS and get a chance to live in the San Francisco area temporarily later this year?

Stripe is sponsoring an “open source retreat” for developer contributors to open source projects from September 1st until December 1st, 2014.

Accepted applicants receive a grant of US $7,500 per month for housing and expenses, plus meals at the Stripe offices during the week, throughout the program.

If you’re interested in applying to work on OpenMRS during the program, please drop us a line at community■■■■■■■■■■■■ or reply to this thread. We’ll be happy to help you make your application as strong as possible.


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Do core developers qualify? Or if one lives outside the united states, do they qualify?

It doesn’t seem to matter about the role someone has in the project, as they mentioned maintainers being involved.

There might be issues with US work visas for non-citizens or non-residents, however. I will see if I can find out general details and post them here.

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Answer from Greg Brockman at Stripe:

Non-US national are indeed eligible! Some more details here:

Hello @michael . Are newbie developers allowed to apply for this?

Regards, Akash

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From what I understand no one is discouraged from applying. However my best guess is that it will be very competitive, so anyone who is a new open source contributor will need to work hard to explain and convince Stripe that they should invest in that applicant. It would likely be important to explain your work (open source and otherwise) so far, and why this opportunity would create more value to the open source world than just the money and assistance that they’re providing.

It seems like they are rapidly answering questions submitted to them via the e-mail address posted in their original blog post above.

@harsha89 @harshadura did you see this ? :slight_smile:

thanks for the info bro! this seems really cool, I applied already. :smiley:

Duly noted. Thanks @michael

@surangak Thanks for notifying. Sounds great event, I will look more about it and apply :slight_smile:

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