Static IP Port Forwarding in Router to access bahmni application from anywhere

NOTE Before Implement this step for port forwarding to access bahmni openmrs and open erp from anywhere you should keep your Root password strong (mandatory) and you should have a static ip which would be provided by the ISP.

STEP 1:Insert the Static ip which is provided by the ISP in the router and check whether the internet is working or not. For different router there is different setting please check the manual it is an ease process to setup an static ip in router. ddwrt3

STEP 2:After setting step one now you can go to port forwarding page in router (EVERY ROUTER HAVE DIFFERENT UI) eg: FOR TP-LINK (Forwarding > Virtual Servers > Add New) FOR D-LINK (ADVANCED PORT FORWARDING )

STEP 3:INSERT the application name bahmni (Or any of your choice ),IP of bahmni , and port no 443 set as HTTPS (For openmrs)

STEP 4:Now create one more port forwarding for ERP ( Openerp,Odoo) by creating the same process .Application name :BAHMNI-ERP or Any name you want put the ip of bahmni and port no as 8069

STEP 5:Now save the setting and check whether port forwarding is working or not by going to site (IF IT IS WORKING IT WILL SHOW OPEN AND IF NOT IT WILL SHOW CLOSE) EX: or

STEP 6:Now Check online by other network putting (https://Static ip:443) for MRS and for ERP (Static ip:8069) (NO HTTPS IN ADDRESS BAR) EX: only

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