Starting With Bahmni

Please am Adongo a final year student of KNUST, ghana and as part of my final year project i and my team are suppose to solve a real life problem using Bahmni as a tool. now i have followed the documentation to set up a dev environment. we want to apart from customizing the software to suit our need to develop modules like ADD A BIOMETRIC MODULE. i dont actually know where to Go next and i have like 2 months to complete this. sorry for my ignorance. i need your help pls.

Did you get a chance to look at this?

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If you have setup Bahmni Vagrant box, then your next steps can be to understand the underlying codebase (pertaining to Patient Registration screen). Also ensure you can perform the steps mentioned in

Bahmni is written in Angular.JS, and uses REST API calls to talk to OpenMRS API (which in-turns talks to the MySQL database underneath).

If you are unfamiliar with Angular.JS, then you may need to read about that first – before you can dig deeper. All the Angular.JS code of Bahmni is in this repository:

For instance the registration related code is mostly in: