standalone - servlet of self-written module not found

Dear all, Please give a hint where to search :slight_smile: thank you.

Using the standalone of 2 (named 2.4, content 1.11.6), uploading a self-written module. - it works.

The module was written using the SDK. Via a servlet, a file is downloaded - it works in the app started by the SDK. There, the servlet is started by: /openmrs/moduleServlet/[module_name]/[servlet_name]

In the standalone, the servlet is started by: /openmrs-standalone/moduleServlet/[module_name]/[servlet_name]

Running the standalone, when ‘clicking’ onto the link = starting the servlet - the servlet is not found, error 404.

Do we maybe have to indicate the servlet of ‘our’ module, maybe in some config-files of the standalone?

Thank you for your help.

Restart the standalone and test again.

Thank you very much for the quick answer @dkayiwa. Yes, that was the solution, thank you. it works.