standalone creation for ref app 2.4, own module

Dear all, thank you for helping me so far a lot.

I managed to create a module for prescription print (insert medications, dosages, advice - as a list, and then print the list, as pdf (itext)) - even could to set rights for role doctor (= set the values, create the pdf) and role ‘pharmacist’ (only print the pdf, no modification/creation of the prescription list) … such, I want to create a standalone (jar) now, with embedded db and tomcat. that standalone should have included my omod (prescription print module). goal: the doctor runs the jar and, well, it runs. (on Java 7 well … if it runs, I will do java 8 the next months)

before I start to figure it out myself :slight_smile: … could you please share with me …

a/ found this readme … is it also valid for the ref app 2.4, with the groovy-pages framework?

b/ I also found the discussion of the language and translations of the vocabulary (ciel mysql data import) - hm may I please ask, what might be the new file, or, is there a new file, or, … hm the status?

thank you very much for your help, and have wonderful Christmas days, and a Happy New Year. thank you for your time.

Start by getting a standalone that runs well for you. Then paste your module it its appdata folder, run and test again to confirm that the module works as expected. Finally, just zip this entire standalone folder and distribute to whoever you would like to run it.

Thank you @dkayiwa for your help, and very quick answer. Thank you, I will try it so.

may I please ask - the zip and my understanding :slight_smile: . “zip this entire standalone folder” - the resulting package is a “.zip” then. That is, the user will not have an ‘entire package’ of “.jar” (like a standalone) that just runs. rather, the user will have (at least) 2 separate files, my module in the appdata, and the ‘rest’ of the standalone.

Hm, is it possible, or do I not understand clearly - can I create one file (a .jar-file), that includes my module, and the user will take it and starting with: java -jar abc.jar … (and params maybe) ?

Yes you zip the entire standalone folder which contains the jar file, database, modules, runtime properties file, etc. So the end user will just unzip and double click the contained jar file to run.