standalone application login details[resolved]

The standalone application login details are admin for username and test for password. However, the application is in another guy’s runtime and redirected to add ons manager page hence i cannot do anything like migration to the main dashboard or anything and when i log out it takes me back to the login dashboard ofcos .

errors on the cli are this and this2

Cc: @sharif , @kdaud

Are you simulating on standalone server, is it fine to share the full url.

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is this the url you’re asking about…and yes im using openmrs platform 2.4.0 standalone edition got from here!

This is the image of what happens!!! after running the standalone application got from the downloaded zip file.

What happens when you try accessing this url http://localhost:8081/openmrs-standalone/login.htm.

You downloaded the standalone zip of the platform. I guess you wanted to instead download the standalone zip of the reference application.

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am redirected to the login page , thereafter after putting the login details. i get back to where we started , here ---->>>> standalone application login details - #4 by mherman22

actually thats what i did. all i needed was a local instance of the application.