Stack trace on final step of Installing

Hello guys need help. while installing openmrs, I reached the loadings the last loadings after opening tomcat on blouser and shows this message

Unable to create the database. The password might be incorrect or the database is not started.

???Error executing sql: create database if not exists ? default character set utf8 - Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up.???

What could be the matter

@niyolynate share the server side logs via

Server logins are

i used username . admin password. test

@niyolynate I meant the stack trace of the server.


@dkayiwa @sharif do you have an idea on the subject here?


1 .Do you have mysql database installed ? 2.If installed are you providing the correct password , in otherwords , the password used for logging into mysql is it correct?

If not the system will keep hanging.

@niyolynate basing on this the issue is caused by a change in the default SELinux configuration on RHEL 7.4 and later which, by default, disallows Tomcat from connecting to a local database via TCP. The answer there suggests disabling SELinux, which is one way to solve the issue. Alternatively you can use this guide on how to allow Tomcat to connect to MySQL without totally disabling SELinux

Proscovia, its always good to share the entire error logs on your terminal and if possible the screen shoot. For its hard to tell the cause of the error by reading a single line.

@niyolynate which version of mysql are you running?

Thank you guys for helping out am redoing the process and this time will share all the whole process. with screen shoots