ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

why is this happening ? i am following all the steps mentioned in the wiki.

Looks like the machine is not being able to contact on port 22. Maybe there is a firewall on your machine / network that is blocking the outgoing request. Please check.

Hi Sanjaya,

We recommend that users download artefacts using HTTP endpoints, and not scp as root into our build boxes, as it will make it very hard to manage the sanity and correctness of our artefacts.

Can you point me to the documentation that directed you to scp as root into our boxes?

Cheers, r.

@gsluthra no user can ssh into that box as root from outside the ThoughtWorks VPN. This is by design and we should find if there’s a leak and fill it. This is not secure.

Thanks for clarifying @rnjn. For posterity sake, I will post the install link again here, so that this issue doesn’t arise to others:

Thanks @gsluthra

Followed the new steps and in between found as following

100%[==================================================================================================>] 2,391,081 148K/s in 11s

2016-02-05 16:30:00 (206 KB/s) - “mysql_backup.sql.gz” saved [2391081/2391081]

Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

Yes. Please ignore that for now. Since we are using scripts, that warning comes. The installation will still continue ok.

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