Sprint with us!

In order to have a better visibility of on-going community sprints I decided to switch to using one agile board for all OpenMRS sprints in JIRA. Whenever you have some extra time to join an active sprint or just want to update yourself on what we are working on, you can go to https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Sprint+Schedule#SprintSchedule-Activesprints and look for the Active Sprints section.

We will aim at having at least one active sprint at a time. You are always welcome to join in!

Why to work in a sprint? It’s top priority work for us so:

  1. You’ll always get instant feedback on your work.
  2. Your code will be merged right away.
  3. Your code will be released as soon as possible, ideally after each sprint.
  4. You get to work along other devs to accomplish sprint goals.
  5. It’s possible and encouraged to ask for a pair programming session with another experienced dev.

Also if you want something to be done you can request and arrange your own sprint and get devs to work on it! Just post your idea to talk and we can discuss further.