Sprint 3 OWA-OBSADMIN Announcement

Hello, Everyone, In the previous two sprints, We have managed to implement the search functionality for a patient, which then leads you to the patient management screen to manage patient data as well as view and manage visits, encounters and observations under each patient. Along the way we have noticed bugs such as soft deleted visits and observations are not shown instead they are completely deleted. In this Sprint we intend on fixing this bugs and many more (view our Jira board) that have been highlighted and/or we have noticed. We also we would like to redesign the user interface incorporating all of you guys feedback.

Start Date: 08-09-2017 End Date: 22-09-2017 Wiki Page https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Patient+Data+Management+OWA Jira Board https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=112&projectKey=PDMO&selectedIssue=PDMO-31&sprint=149 Github Repo https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-owa-obsadmin

Hi everyone, please find the wiki page for the above sprint [here] (https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Patient+Data+Management+OWA).