Source code and setting up OpenMRS UI

Hi! I assigned myself to the task RA-1706 - Menu position in small viewport. So I need to know how can I start the task with the UI, get the source code and set up it. Is anyone familiar with the UI?

@bhanukad610 can you share the link to the task RA-1706

@bhanukad610 i see the issue is till under analysis which means its not yet ready to be worked upon ,ideally you should assigne your self to issues that are in WAITING FOR DEV or READY FOR WORK status



If the task is Ready for Work or Waiting For dev as @gcliff has said, then you can go a head and claim it.

  1. First thing to do is to read and understand what the ticket is all about and what is needed to be solved.

2 Secondly is to try harder and all the best to reproduce the bug as the reporter stated in the description.

According to the ticket description this ticket requires you reproduce the bug in RA 2.10.0, after reproducing the bug following the same procedures, then you can go ahead and create a pull request, Actually it is advised to first reproduce the bug before you claim the ticket, i think it makes sense

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@sharif @gcliff Ok I will. Thank you for your advices :grinning: