Sorting out upcoming Dev Forums

For the upcoming Dev Forums, we have these scheduled:

  • 17 July – OpenMRS 2.1 Planning, but @darius is traveling that day

  • 24 July – Canceled for OSCON, but not sure who’s going this year (not @burke)

  • 31 July – Update on Modulus, but @elliott will not be available

  • 7 August – Update on Ad-Hoc Analysis tool

As you can see, the schedule needs some refactoring. @darius needs to be part of the OpenMRS 2.1 discussion and @elliott needs to be around for Modulus. At this stage, I’m considering this new schedule:

  • 17 July – Canceled, unless someone has a suggested topic

  • 24 July – OpenMRS 2.1 Planning, assuming @darius is not going to OSCON

  • 31 July – Update on Ad-Hoc Analysis tool

  • 7 August – Update on Modulus, when @elliott will be available

@darius – does this look okay? are you going to OSCON this year? can we swap ad-hoc analysis discussion to 31 July?


Darius is not attending OSCON. He’s like a Thoughtworks WIP in place of the ad-hoc analysis and the best time for them is next week. Daniel is interested in discussion emerging technologies. So, we end up with a schedule like this:

  • 17 July – Emerging Technologies facilitated by @dkayiwa

  • 24 July – ThoughtWorks WIP

  • 31 July – OpenMRS 2.1 Planning

  • 7 August – Update on Modulus


Would it be relevant to have something like a technical radar for OpenMRS?

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I am not going to OSCON. In fact I will be in Bangalore on July 24. We can do OpenMRS 2.1 Planning then.

I will not have an interesting update on the Ad Hoc Analysis tool on July 31 (or for a while) but I’d like to see if maybe @angshuonline and a TW team can present a WIP on some things they’re doing in Bangladesh instead.

@dkayiwa, are you suggesting that if we don’t have a topic for the dev forum over the next few weeks, we review emerging technologies?

Yes! (The rest of the text is just to supply the 20 characters requirement. Otherwise all i wanted to type was a YES response. :slight_smile:

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