Some outstanding OpenMRS Camp 2015 tasks/notes/TODOs


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Thanks everyone for this conversation, @Andrew I have actually been trying to look for the URL to those etherpad notes!


i did/ will do the following: update the notes strategy pad with # 6 ( organizational improvement)- done on the link

this page includes some specific recommendations on the way forward for your group and/ or your name if you volunteered to be part of /lead a group there is a due out by the summit to review/ get comments/ engage others/etc clean up the notes and send them out- this will be done by tomorrow i assume that we should post as a new 2015 page to


Marurya - I really appreciate you taking time to put together this email to attendees and board.

Looking back at my browser Hx, I found these four Camp-releated links:

Anyone who has other useful links, go ahead and trim the rest of this thread, maybe change the subject, and reply-all w/ those links. Or build a page on the wiki. Or, start a Talk thread…!

(ed. note: and the Talk thread was started…!)


(ed note: Maurya started this thread on Camp by listing a number of people who might like to be more engaged with supporting the OpenMRS community and it’s work. That’s probably a topic for a separate thread)


During the camp, I committed to put together some thoughts based on my assessment from being ‘new’ to the OpenMRS community for the OpenMRS Inc BOD. I have attached the document that i developed ( with major thanks to @jblaya and @michael) that highlights my review and documents what was discussed at the camp by the leadership group.

Please feel free to comment. Thanks!

CullenOpenMRSInc.BODReport2015-11-20.pdf (136.0 KB)

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