Some newbie questions

How can I add my one templates in the visit notes? Also why is it that I am not able to add diagnosis which are in the ICD 10 but not showing up as coded for example hypothyroidism? How can I connect the lab to the EMR so that the lab values are automatically downloaded into the EMR also is there any way for electronic pharmacy dispensing and transmitting scripts

How does this template look like?

it will be a doc text with some blanks

Sample Telehealth Documentation Template



First MRN: 123456 Age: 48years sex: Male DOB: 01/01/1970 Diagnoses

Author: TeledocLast Name First Name

Presenting complaint

History of Present Illness This visit was conducted with the use of interactive audio and video telecommunications system that perm

its real brne communication between the patient and the providerpatient consent for-virtual visit obtained on Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Originating Site: University Hospital Distant Ste: Patient’s Home PCP: Dr. Primary Care mysician Teleh&llth Consulting Physidan:Teledoc Readmission RiskSore: High 75 Hospital Course Summary Wntten in italics Virtual VSit Describe Hemodynamic Stability New Symptoms Todays Vitals and the Ranges 0Biometric Readings Pertinent Review of Systems Write a Problem Based List Starting with the Highest Severiti Issue First

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Did you get a chance to look at the bahmni distribution?