Some modules contatin Duplicate message_**. properies file references in the .tx/config

Am working on some ticket which requires Updating modules’s to support transfex , But ive discorverd some modules have duplicate message_**. properies file references in the .tx/config for the same languages. May be i need to undesrtund whether it was intentional or a mistake. an example is here in the openmrs-module-appointmentschedulingui

here is a screen shot showing duplicated filies

cc @dkayiwa @darius @tendomart @samuel34 @mogoodrich

@mozzy did you look at the details of each file that is being repeated for content duplication ?

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Well actually ,the actual files are not duplicated. but the file references are the ones duplicated in the .tx/config file

 $ tx status
tx ERROR: Run 'tx init' to initialize your project first!
tx ERROR: Cannot open/parse .tx/config file: While reading from 'D:\\openMrs\\code\\tickets\\RA-1000-coreapps\\openmrs-module- coreapps\\.tx\\config' [line 15]:     option '' in section 'OpenMRS.coreapps-module' already exists                                                                                                                                                                                                               

infact , when u run the transifex client , it returns an error , if u have duplicated file references in the config file.

i cant undestand how people have been using it , but in mycase , i first had to clear the duplicated file references for the transfex client to run .

is this worht creating a ticket for ?? cc @dkayiwa @darius @tendomart @samuel34 @mogoodrich