Some flakiness on builds expected


We are receiving some alerts about DNS failures in most of our servers. That means that a few builds will fail.

If the provider doesn’t fix the problem in the next 7h, I will be changing the DNS to a public one in all servers.

@burke / @pascal / @jeremy is something stop working because of this on the next hours, please feel free to edit /etc/resolv.conf to have and .

Just let me know which machines you had to do that, so I will make sure to clean them up.

Things that might fail: ID (we have multiple machines) and atlassian products (database). is it related?

Potentially and highly likely – but that’s me guessing.

Sorry I didn’t respond here earlier, busier than usual week.

Yes, @raff, most likely it was related. The problem has been resolved by our lovely provider :smiley:

@raff @cintiadr since the problem was resolved by our lovely provider, does it mean that the current failure is caused by something else?

Maybe, I have no idea what’s happening there. Should I restart docker host, @raff?

@cintiadr, no need. I need to fix code to make tests pass.