Some CI plan confusingly and incorrectly updated the distro pom version of idgen

I just peeked at why the refapp distro build was broken, and it appears that 15 hours ago there was this commit (part of a maven release) that incorrectly set idgenVersion to “1.4.0-SNAPSHOT”. This is wrong (because it should be 4.4.1), but also strange because idgen was released from bamboo 4 hours earlier than that.

I fixed this manually, and I’m not going to investigate further, but I wanted to mention this to @raff and @cintiadr in case they happen to know what happened, or if they see this again in the future.

It appears to be :smiley:

It appears its ‘’ variable should be changed from idgenVersion to … not sure. Or maybe it should not update refapp pom.

@cintiadr, it should not update the pom. Is removing the enough?

It needs to have the last two tasks to be disabled or removed (I disabled them).

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