[SOLVED] Request for a Legacy UI Module Maintenance Version Release (1.8.1)

Could someone with the necessary credentials release a minor version of 1.8.1 of the Legacy UI module to include the bug fixes LUI-171 and LUI-173.

@dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @raff, @wyclif et al?

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Sure let me try checkout

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@willa did u know that you can write to helpesk for bamboo access. Then simply run the appropriate CI build to release.


Yeah I forgot this part. I think I made this request at some point. It was probably denied. I am not sure.

Did you succeed?

Working on it soon

You have access to bamboo. username is willamhawila

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Finished feel free to checkout it here cc @dkayiwa you can correct me if am mis interpreted it differently thanks

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My bad! Thanks for reminding me.

Thanks but I think you forgot to upload the omod on addons.openmrs.org.

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Sure am going to push a pr for this on openmrs addons contrib

@sharif , this should be already automated with our CI/CD pipeline . checkout

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Sure ci/cd has finished it here OpenMRS Add Ons , it seems there is an upgrade with bamboo because last time i did manually as seen here