[SOLVED] Release new version of Database Backup module

@kosmik Please can you go ahead and release a new versoin to the Nexus repo too. I will follow up with getting a JIRA tag for the project

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Sure, I can give it a try. Might take a few days though as I’m quite busy.

I couldn’t do the release yet as I don’t have a Nexus account. I have just sent a request for an account.

Just letting you know I’m still waiting for my Nexus account.

@r0bby, @maany, are you in position to help Mikko?

@kosmik should now have a nexus account :slight_smile:

Indeed I have a brand new nexus account. Thanks!

Done! Version 1.2 is available at Nexus. I don’t have upload permission on Modulus project for Database Backup so I can’t upload the module there.

How about adopting semantic versioning for this module? From https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Versioning:

OpenMRS follows the Semantic Versioning conventions for the platform, reference application, and community supported modules. We encourage everyone to adopt this versioning approach for their code.

@dkayiwa, please add @kosmik as a maintainer on the Database Backup module on the module repo.

(The current owners are mathias.lin, jmiranda, bwolfe, dkayiwa, and you’re the only one still active in that group.)

I’ve done this.

@kosmik Thanks

While uploading the module to Modulus I noticed the version number in config.xml was incorrect (1.1 instead of 1.2). I don’t know the significance of this but decided to fix it anyway. Thus I released a new version 1.2.1 where the config.xml version number if fixed (actually it is now updated automatically when doing a release).

I wasn’t sure which version number to choose in this case but I decided 1.2.1 should be ok for this kind of bugfix.

And thanks to @dkayiwa, I managed to upload the module to Modulus.

can we allow exporting an existing backup through the web UI using this module!!!